Chapter 21. Asterisk Gateway Interface (AGI)

Table of Contents

Quick Start
AGI Variants
Process-Based AGI
DeadAGI Is Dead
FastAGI—AGI over TCP
Async AGI—AMI-Controlled AGI
AGI Communication Overview
Setting Up an AGI Session
Process-based AGI/FastAGI
Async AGI
Commands and Responses
Process-based AGI/FastAGI
Async AGI
Ending an AGI Session
Process-based AGI/FastAGI
Async AGI
Development Frameworks

Caffeine. The gateway drug.

Eddie Vedder

The Asterisk dialplan has evolved into a simple yet powerful programming interface for call handling. However, many people, especially those with a prior programming background, still prefer implementing their custom call handling in a different programming language. Using another programming language may also allow you to utilize existing code for integration with other systems. The Asterisk Gateway Interface (AGI) allows the development of first-party call control in the programming language of your choice. If you are not interested in implementing call control outside of the native Asterisk dialplan, you may safely skip this chapter.