Chapter 10. Deeper into the Dialplan

Table of Contents

Expressions and Variable Manipulation
Basic Expressions
Dialplan Functions
Examples of Dialplan Functions
Conditional Branching
The GotoIf() Application
Time-Based Conditional Branching with GotoIfTime()
Defining Macros
Calling Macros from the Dialplan
Using Arguments in Macros
Defining Subroutines
Calling Subroutines from the Dialplan
Using Arguments in Subroutines
Returning from a Subroutine
Local Channels
Using the Asterisk Database (AstDB)
Storing Data in the AstDB
Retrieving Data from the AstDB
Deleting Data from the AstDB
Using the AstDB in the Dialplan
Handy Asterisk Features
Call Parking
Conferencing with MeetMe()

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Alice Kahn

Alrighty. You’ve got the basics of dialplans down, but you know there’s more to come. If you don’t have Chapter 6, Dialplan Basics sorted out yet, please go back and give it another read. We’re about to get into more advanced topics.