Chapter 8. Voicemail

Table of Contents

Comedian Mail
The [general] Section
The [zonemessages] Section
The Contexts Section
An Initial voicemail.conf File
Dialplan Integration
The VoiceMail() Dialplan Application
The VoiceMailMain() Dialplan Application
Creating a Dial-by-Name Directory
Using a Jitterbuffer
Storage Backends
Linux Filesystem
Using Asterisk As a Standalone Voicemail Server
Integrating Asterisk into a SIP Environment As a Standalone Voicemail Server
Dialplan requirements
sip.conf requirements
SMDI (Simplified Message Desk Interface)

Just leave a message, maybe I’ll call.

Joe Walsh

Before email and instant messaging became ubiquitous, voicemail was a popular method of electronic messaging. Even though most people prefer text-based messaging systems, voicemail remains an essential component of any PBX.