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cnitool — your CNI Swiss Army knife

If you’re looking at developing (or debugging!) CNI plugins, you’re going to need a workflow for developing CNI plugins – something that really lets you get in there, and see exactly what a CNI plugin is doing. You’re going to need a bit of a swiss army knife, or something that slices, dices, and makes juilienne fries. cnitool is just the thing to do the job. Today we’ll walk through setting up cnitool, and then we’ll make a “dummy” CNI plugin to use it with, and we’ll run a reference CNI plugin.

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Whereabouts — A cluster-wide CNI IP Address Management (IPAM) plugin

Something that’s a real challenge when you’re trying to attach multiple networks to pods in Kubernetes is trying to get the right IP addresses assigned to those interfaces. Sure, you’d think, “Oh, give it an IP address, no big deal” – but, turns out… It’s less than trivial. That’s why I came up with the IP Address Management (IPAM) plugin that I call “Whereabouts” – you can think of it like a DHCP replacement, it assigns IP addresses dynamically to interfaces created by CNI plugins in Kubernetes. Today, we’ll walk through how to use Whereabouts, and highlight some of the issues that it overcomes. First – a little background.

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Configure and measure realtime workers performance on OpenShift

Depending on your workloads, you may want to have workers with realtime kernel in your cluster.How to configure and how to enroll the nodes into an Openshift cluster is not on the scope of this article, we will assume that you have the worker node up and running with realtime kernel.Once you have it, how to properly schedule workloads that make use of it? CPU manager and kubelet static policy – CPU Manager manages groups of CPUs and constrains workloads to specific CPUs. This is useful for several cases, in our case for low-latency applications. In order to enable…

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Akraino KNI Edge Stack

Some months ago I started working on Akraino Edge Stack Akraino is an open source software stack that improves the state of edge cloud infrastructure…

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