Development Frameworks

Many application developers write code that directly interfaces with the AMI. However, there are a number of existing libraries that aim to make writing AMI applications easier. Table 20.5, “AMI development frameworks” lists a few that we know are being used successfully. If you search around for Asterisk libraries in any other popular programming language of your choice, you are likely to find one that exists.

Table 20.5. AMI development frameworks

Adhearsion Ruby
StarPy Python
Asterisk-Java Java


Computer-Supported Telecommunications Applications (CSTA) is a standard for Computer Telephony Integration (CTI). One of the biggest benefits of CSTA is that it is used by multiple manufacturers. Some of what is provided by CSTA can be mapped to operations available in the AMI. There have been multiple efforts to provide a CSTA interface to Asterisk. One of these efforts is the Open CSTA project. While none of the authors have experience with this CSTA interface to Asterisk, it is certainly worth considering if you have CSTA experience or an existing CSTA application you would like to integrate with Asterisk.